November 2004
We just moved to theUSfromEuropeand had to buy a home within a week. After few days house hunting we came across the Cedar lane project and it was love at first sight. Comparing the size of the lots, the location and variations in house design we perceived this as giving a lot more value for money then all other projects we visited. After experiencing the great way HPH managed the purchasing and building process after we decided to buy one of the houses we learned that this great value is not compensated by lack of quality or customer treatment. On the contrary, HPH (all workers and subcontractors, but especially Scott Hoover and his right and left hand, Brian and Cathy) kept surprising us in a very positive way with their customer focus, personal attention and quality work. We have not been dissatisfied anywhere during the process, and I think that's rather unique.You can tell these people build and sell houses because they love their job. We will definitely consider HPH again if we plan to purchase another home in the future, and will recommend them to anyone who has similar plans!

Stijn Hendrikse
Business Manager
Microsoft Corporation

November 2004
My family would like to thank you and your business for providing us an enjoyable and professional experience while building our wonderful house in the Cedar Lane development.

We had spent over 3 months evaluating new housing throughout the Seattle area, with out a doubt we found the best quality, craftsmanship and value while evaluating Hoover Premier Homes. Most notably was the willingness to work directly with us to create an acceptable timeline, house additions, and last minute changes during the build process. We felt invited and comfortable being around the construction site while the house was being built – allowing us the opportunity to evaluate the construction and ask any questions that came to mind. The knowledge and timely response of the staff was impressive from the painters to the electricians, everyone willing to help and assist

We would like to thank and recommend Hoover Premier Homes to other potential buyers. The Hoover team has proven their dependability, integrity, and professionalism to our family.


Kyle Emtman
Operations PM
Microsoft Corporation

A quality home was important to us and after shopping for over a year, we found our Hoover Premier Home. We are very pleased not only with the quality, taste and style of our new home, but more importantly with the people.  Scott Hoover has assembled a top-notch professional team that has gone out of their way to make sure this customer is satisfied.
Thank you to the HPH team.
Tim Sellard

March 2002
Just over a year ago we decided to purchase a new house in the Gold Creek
area of Snohomish. After meeting with several builders, we elected to have
Hoover Premier Homes build our home.

We purchased the home as a presale, and were very pleased to work directly with Scott Hoover to pick out colors and schemes from major items such as appliances and carpeting, to the smallest detail such as choosing the type of doorbell button.Many builders will accept minor changes from the customer, but Scott’s attention
to detail along with his willingness to provide a home to our satisfaction was exceptional. Scott even offered additional advice from designing an alcove in the family room to accept our home theater system, to a modification in plan to include a dramatic arched entry. Especially gratifying was the communication. Scott Hoover would personally contact us if any questions would arise, or sometimes he would
call us just to keep us informed as to the progress of our home.

We have now been in the house for over a year, and we can truthfully say that we are just as pleased and impressed with the home today, as we were the first day we took occupancy. For us, choosing a Hoover Premier Home was like having the satisfaction and experience of building a custom home without the custom home price.

Jerry & Nancy Lambinicio
Snohomish, WA

July 2001

Ijust wanted to take a few minutes to thank you. As you may have heard, we have been asked to relocate in August. As a result we put our home on the market in early mid-May.

Two and half weeks later the home had sold. In just one year we made $30,000 in profit. During the weeks leading up to the sale we had broker after broker come through with clients who raved about the quality of workmanship that was evident throughout the house.

Potential buyers commented on the unique design, superior finish carpentry, top-of-the-line appliances and the overall quality of the materials and finishes used. The buyers inspector found no discrepancies anywhere in the home, as a matter-of-fact, the inspector brought the buyer up into the bonus room storage area to show her the attention to detail paid by your electrician

I have owned three different homes and yours was by far the best. Even though we never had a problem, I always knew you would be available to come by, check it out and arrange whatever fix was necessary to make it right.

I appreciate you continuing to check in with us periodically even after the home warranty had expired just to see if we needed anything.

Best of luck to you and Hoover Premier Homes as your expand your business. I’m sure the future homebuyers of Hoover Premier Homes in Kirkland will have the same great experience as we have had in Gold Creek.

Dave & Kelli Komendat
Snohomish, WA

Dear Scott,
I would like to thank you for making it an easy choice to purchase our new home from Hoover Premier Homes.  The whole process from the time we signed our sales and purchase agreement to the day we moved in was smooth.  The open lines of communication between you as well as your office manager Cathy always kept us in the loop as to the progress of our home.
Since I am in the construction business myself I am very aware of the whole process of building homes, and the amount of coordination it takes to deliver a quality built home.  Even though we made some changes/upgrades they were accurately quoted and incorporated into the building schedule and delivered on time.
However, what really caught our attention was the detail and quality of products used in your homes.  The other homes we looked at in our price range did not have fully wrapped interior windows, tile floors, granite counters, and chair rails, or come fully landscaped.  In addition the colors, patterns, and products chosen by your designer were perfect; we did not need to change anything.
I also know that when you build loyalty and consistency with your subcontractors, your quality and pricing also stay consistent.  It is obvious that you share that same philosophy.  My wife Susan and I would not hesitate to recommend Hoover Premier Homes to anyone looking to purchase a new home where quality, value and professionalism are important.

Terry West
NW Siding & Prefinishing, Inc.

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